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Advance Diploma In International Tourism


A qualification in International Tourism can help you find your first job in the tourism industry or move on in your travel career. Your qualification will be recogniZed in a wide range of countries. These qualifications are versatile - you can develop a broad range of basic tourism skills, or choose specialized advanced options to help you move your career to the next level. A qualification in International Tourism is for anybody who works or wants to work in the travel and tourism industry. You might be looking for your first tourism job, aiming for a supervisory role or moving into management.

    Career Options:

There are many options to venture into to be a part of the tourism sector; public and private. The following are some of the profiles one can look into:


One can opt between being the ground staff or in-flight staff. Apart from working as Airhostess/ Stewards, you can look into the option of Traffic Assistance, Reservation and Counter Staff, etc.

    Scope of the Travel and Tourism Industry

The Travel and Tourism industry is one such industry that even though it is relatively new than the others but is growing and is also expected to do well in the coming years as well. There are many concerns and industries that are direct contributors to the industry and hence, in the long run, create greater job opportunities for those who would want to be a part of the industry. Hotels, restaurants, retailing, transportation, travel agencies, tour companies, tourist attractions, leisure, recreation and sport, and cultural industries are some of the contributors to the industry. Also, as per popular researches and studies, the tourism sector has created about 11 million jobs and has the potential to create another 37 million jobs in the future. Although the future of the industry is quite bright, still there is a lot of development in terms of infrastructure and skilled personnel.

    Tourism Department:

There are jobs as Reservation and counter staff, Sales and marketing staff, Tour Planners and Tour guides. There is also the requirement of Information assistants at the office of the Tourism departments who are selected through competitive examinations held by the Staff Selection Commission. The option of working as a Guide is also listed under the tourism department as the Ministry of Tourism recognizes three types of guides; regional, state and local.


The Hotel Industry is a service industry, serves the basic requirement of food and accommodation. One can choose from Operations, Front office, Housekeeping, Food and Beverages, Accounting, Engineering/ Maintenance, Sales, Public relations and Security, etc as one of the many departments to work with.

Our courses are specially designed to cater to the needs of Tourism industry:
    Tour operators:

They are the ones who help organize conducted tours to the various tourist spots and manage the travel and stay of the tourists.

  • Tourism geography
  • Marketing tourism
  • Financial controls in the tourism industry
  • Reservations and ticketing
    • Salary:

    Starting salary depends on numerous factors. Prominent ones include- profile of the employer, job profile and job location. Average starting salary is between 15k-20k Rupees per month & it can rise up to 50k-70k per month. In the case of Government job, the salary will be based on Pay Band and scale. Entrepreneurs can earn unlimited income in this industry.

      Travel Agents:

    Travel agents evaluate the requirements of tourists and businessmen and help them make the best possible travel arrangements from the many available. Many resorts, travel groups use travel agents to promote their tour packages to travelers.


    Apart from airlines, travelers require rail services, coach operators, car hire companies to go from one place to another - by air, road, railway, sea etc. All this is taken care of by the ones handling transport.